Testimonials continued

"I'm 29 years old & I found Nina through Google (by far the best perm make-up website I saw). I needed my eyebrows touched-up & wanted to get perm eye liner done. Nina called me back within 5 minutes, sounded so nice & full of knowledge & scheduled an apt right then. Walking in her set-up was very clean, comforting & cozy. Nina genuinely listened to everything I said & treated me as if I was her top priority. She is a class act, incredibly sweet & I highly recommend her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the touch-up she did on my brows & my eye liner looks amazing. Trust me ladies, you wake up looking like a million bucks, it's great! I refer Nina all the time, go see her & you will too. Can't thank you enough Nina !! "

- Angela, Palm Springs


"I recently had permanent eyeliner and brows done by Nina and I can't tell you how it has changes my life. I no longer look washed out when I wake up each morning. The best part is how natural it looks. The color of my brows are perfect and so is the shape. I play a lot of tennis and I no longer worry about my makeup sweating off. My eyes are noticeably darker and I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Nina."

- Mary J.


"I was referred to Nina by a friend. When I saw what she did for her I said what's her number. I have since had my brows and lips enhanced and I am over the moon with the results. Call Nina she's THE BEST!"

- Virgina G.


"I am 68 years old and busy had my eyes lined. I no longer need a magnifying mirror to apply my liner. It's always there when I wake up! It's wonderful!"

- Mary G.


"I had my brows done years ago by another technician and I was so disappointed with the shape and color. After meeting Nina I was assured she could correct my problem. The shape is now what I originally wanted and the color is no longer lavender. She really knows how to design a brow, freehand at that. My color is now a soft brown and I no longer have to try to camouflage it every morning. Thank You So Much Nina!"

- Sidney R.


"What a hidden Gem! I needed to have my eyebrows touched up and was considering permanent eye enhancement. Leery about having work on the eyes, I got the courage to make an appointment with Nina. The night before I was hesitant and uncertain to the point that I did not sleep well. Silly I lost sleep over nothing. Beautiful job eyebrows and eyelash enhancement. Nina as 19 years under her belt. Her expert skill, talent and knowledge and communication is superior. The most important she makes sure to understand exactly what you're looking tells you step by step what her next move is. I love her work and will be going back to get lipliner."

- Maria S. 8/2017

"Where do I begin? I cannot express with words how happy I am with Nina Malte! I had been thinking about getting permanent eyeliner for more than a year. I never did it because I feared something might go wrong. I finally worked up the courage to go in for a consultation. The moment I walked into Nina's office, all those fears I had been holding onto INSTANTLY lifted off my shoulders. To say Nina is kind and generous to her clients is a GIGANTIC understatement. She really really does GENUINELY care about her customers. So many businesses and people pride themselves in their customer service but many times it seems forced and insincere. NINA IS NONE OF THAT! I am the type of person who went in knowing EXACTLY what I wanted. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, and I wanted NOTHING different. Nina listened to me very closely and carefully studied the pictures I had taken showing how I wanted the end result to look. After the procedure was over, IT LOOKED AS IF I HAD DONE IT WITH MY OWN HAND!!! Everyone does their makeup differently and with their own style. Nina not only achieved the coverage I wanted, but managed to perfectly capture my own personal style! She has a great knowledge of looks that will always be popular, but if you want to deviate from the norm she will be with you 100%! Not only did I overcome my fears and get my eyeliner done, but I decided the very same week to go back in for my eyebrows! Once again, Nina knocked it out of the park!! The results won't happen in one day. Expect to go back once or twice to get full coverage, but it's TOTALLY worth it! Going to Nina's is not something you dread, but something you are excited about and look forward to! The only negative is that I'm having trouble finding an excuse to go back! Lol! I don't need to. Everything is how I wanted it, but her work is so amazing that I want to get something done that I don't even need just to be able to go back! Her office does not look medical. It's a warm and inviting place that you'll love! She's loving, kind, caring, affordable, and KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING! Not going to Nina's would be the biggest mistake of your life. Infinite stars!."

- Ms. Gibbs 8/2017