FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is this a licensed profession in the State of California?

A. Nina displays her certificates from recognized educators and organizations.

Q. Are examples of Nina's work available?

A. Nina provides a portfolio of her before and after photographs.

Q. I'm anxious about letting anyone else design my makeup, especially if it is permanent. What if I don't like the design or color after the procedure?

A. Nina will assist you when determining your own design. You should approve all work before she proceeds with the procedure. This is your face, your procedure, and it must meet your expectations.

Q. What if eyebrow styles change?

A. Your eyebrow shape will be based on your own preferences in combination with the technician's suggestions for a classic shape that will remain timeless.

Q. What if eyeliner goes out of style?

A. With the eyeliner or eyelash enhancement procedure your natural lash-line is enhanced for a fuller, beautiful, natural result. However, most clients prefer a more conservative, natural look.

Q. What about people who have allergies?

A. Many people love Permanent Makeup because it replaces the topical cosmetics they may be sensitive to. Contact lens wearers especially enjoy not having to worry about makeup falling into their eyes.

Q. I have heard that these procedures can require multiple sessions. Why is that necessary?

A. Each skin type is different. Thicker and healthier skin will require more pigment. Also, fine details, additional color depth, or design adjustments can easily be made after the initial healing is complete. Most procedures typically take at least two sessions.

Q. What about follow-up?

A. A follow-up visit is usually scheduled to check on the healing process and go over any areas of concern.

Q. If this is permanent, why are future touch-ups necessary?

A. Skin is a living tissue. The major issues affecting the pristine appearance of your procedure are sun exposure, aging, changing health conditions, medications, hormonal changes, etc. At some time, usually several years after your initial procedure, you will want to refresh the color. If you return to your original technician, you may received a discount on updating your results.

Q. Is this considered a safe process?

A. Yes, it is a safe process when conducted by a trained technician who follows the proper sanitation and sterilization requirements. Safety procedures include opening a sterilized tool and a manufactured sealed sterilized needle at the beginning of the procedure, placing the used needle in a Sharps container, and sanitizing all areas the client will come in contact with. In this way, clients are assured that their health has been safeguarded to the highest standards. After leaving her studio, it is the client's responsibility to care for the procedure according to instructions.

Q. Will I be uncomfortable during the procedure?

A. Nina uses excellent topical anesthetics, which normally keep discomfort to a minimum.