What to Expect from the Permanent Eyebrow Procedure.

With brows, after the application there is little to no swelling.

Brows may scab over and appear darker for a few days. Let the scab heal naturally. Picking at it may result in an uneven line. Once the scab has lifted off, your beautiful new eyebrow will be revealed!

During touch-up applications, the make-up can be balanced, supplemented, darkened, or otherwise altered.

In a few cases, clients will wish to design their own brows. Whether Nina or the client has designed the brow, both parties will agree on the design and color before the pigment is applied.

Remember, permanent makeup is a team process.

Aftercare instructions are reviewed together. Any necessary products are provided along with a take-home copy of instructions, which include an outline of the day-by-day healing schedule.

A follow up appointment for three to four weeks post-procedure will be scheduled.

Eyebrows frame the face...

Eyebrows frame the face and are an important part of facial expressions.

Anyone who desires fullness or definition in the brows will benefit from permanent eyebrows. Individuals with light, sparse or no brow hair, or those concerned losing brows during sweating or swimming are candidates for Nina's services.

Care will be taken to provide you with natural-looking results, beautifully complementing your skin tone. There will be little, if any, swelling. You will have 30-45 days with your new brows before the follow-up appointment. At that time, you may opt to have the color deepened.

Below are examples of before and after eyebrow procedure photographs, showing different styles on clients in a variety of ages and complexions