Lipliner & Full Lip Color


The application of permanent lipliner will correct uneven liplines, provide definition and clean borders, and add fullness. It also helps keep lipstick from bleeding and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

Full Lip Color

Full lip color can be applied natural or vivid hues. Lipstick can be worn over the permanent makeup. Washed out lips will appear younger and healthier.

What to Expect with Permanent Lip Color and Lip Liner Procedures

Lip Color and Lip Liner tend to be quite dark upon completion of the first application. This is temporary. Expect the lips to go through various changes - lips will be darker the following day and around the tenth day it may appear that the pigment has vanished entirely. That is because it was applied as a primer coat, which will be brought to the surface with the second application. Around days twelve to fourteen, the pigment resurfaces.

Lips may feel chapped for several days, and it's recommended you apply Aquaphor, Carmex or chapstick which can be purchased at your local drugstore. Bruising may also occur, however this is usually minor, and may appear as a typical "black and blue" or red patch. Any bruising may be concealed with makeup. Clinque's Continual Coverage is one of many concealers available today. If you use this type of product, avoid getting it on the actual permanent makeup line itself. Baby oil (mineral oil) is probably the best way to remove this concealer without disturbing the permanent makeup, but use baby oil on the treated area ONLY to remove the concealer.

Once the area has healed, there is a chance that the pigment will be too light or too subtle. This is one reason that one free touch-up is offered. Most clients are satisfied with 2 total applications. Touch-ups are quick and easily tolerated. During this touch-up, the makeup can be balanced, supplemented, darkened, or altered. It is much easier to add pigment than to remove it.




Those Who Choose Permanent Make-Up

    Those who want the freedom from
    daily make-up application.

    Athletic people and those with oily skin who tend to shed make-up easily.

    Busy people with little time to apply make-up.

    Allergies to conventional make-up.

    Eyesight problems.

    Arthritic / shaky hands


    Light or thinning eyelashes.